About Leaps & Bounds Family Child Care Center

Leaps and Bounds Child Care Center offers the best child care services in Rosemount, Minnesota. Our Christian daycare center opened in January 2004, and we’ve been providing the best daycare services to everyone in the area ever since. We are a privately owned and operated child care center that takes pride in its warm family environment. Keep reading to learn more about your local child care center in Rosemount, or contact Leaps and Bounds to get started on your childcare services with a free tour of our facility.

Our center is open from 6:30 am – 6:00 pm Monday-Friday.

We are a Christian based child care center that emphasizes strong family values. Our classrooms follow a theme-based curriculum that enhances learning through play.

We offer a unique classroom environment with lower staff to child ratios than is required by the state of Minnesota.

  • Infants (Six weeks – 13 months)
    Maximum class size of eight children with a one to four ratio
  • Toddlers (13 months – 28 months)
    Maximum class size of 12 with a one to four ratio
  • Preschool (29 months-42 months)
    Maximum class size of 14 with a one to seven ratio
  • Pre-Kindergarten (43 months-first day of Kindergarten)
    Maximum class size of 24 with a one to eight ratio

Infant Care Services

Pulling yourself away from your newborn can be hard to do, but every now and then you have to use newborn care services to help keep your infant safe. Here at Leaps and Bounds, the best child care center in Rosemount, we offer the best infant care services around. Our infant care teachers are all focused on helping your child grow and develop in a safe and nurturing way. Leaps and Bounds has the perfect environment for newborns in our infant care center, which is separate from the rest of our child care programs. Learn more about the best infant care program in Rosemount.

Toddler Care Services

Finding the perfect toddler care services can be hard to do. Here at Leaps and Bounds, we offer some of the best toddler care programs in Rosemount. With the help of our knowledgeable toddler care teachers, your child will learn valuable life skills in a fun, safe, and engaging environment. Your child will also be with kids their own age, ensuring that every child in our toddler care center learns and grows together. Give your child a head start on learning with child care services from Leaps and Bounds. Learn more about our Rosemount toddler care services today.

Preschool Classes

Preparing your child for school is important. The transition from a life at home to school can be a frightening and traumatic experience for some children. Leaps and Bounds offers the best preschool program in Rosemount. Our preschool teachers will help your children learn important life skills, such as motor skills, counting, colors, numbers, letters, and much more. Preschool can be an incredibly important service to help kids get a jump start on learning as well. If you’re looking for the best preschool program in Rosemount, then look no further than the preschool classes at Leaps and Bounds. Learn more about our Rosemount preschool classes today!

Pre-Kindergarten Classes

Similar to preschool classes, pre-kindergarten classes are a great way to help your child get accustomed to being away from you, being in a large group of children their own age, and learning in a classroom environment all at the same time. Pre-k is a time where children begin to learn that the world is a much bigger place, while also learning important life skills that they will use throughout their lives. Learn more about the best pre-kindergarten classes in Rosemount today!

When you need the best childcare in Rosemount, be sure to partner with Leaps and Bounds child care. Our daycare services help kids learn and grow. Contact us to answer any questions, or get started with a free tour of our facilities.