Pre-Kindergarten Room (42 months – First Day of Kindergarten)

The pre-k teachers at Leaps and Bounds, the best child care center in Rosemount, help to prepare each pre-kindergarten child for the important transition to kindergarten. Each day is spent focusing on skills such as writing, identifying letters and numbers, math, science, language, decision making, and self-help skills. Pre-kindergarten children leave Leaps and Bounds with the confidence and knowledge they will need to help them be successful in their future.

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Our Pre-K Classroom

The Leaps and Bounds pre-k program is a colorful, stimulating environment that provides the necessary space and equipment for the children to play, learn, explore and develop. There is ample space and materials available to provide for each child’s individual needs and abilities. Each child has their own cubby for personal belongings and a cot for nap time. The pre-k room also has computers available to prepare children for our technology-centered society.

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Family Communication

We believe that communication between pre-kindergarten teachers and parents is one of the most important parts of helping your child grow and develop. Therefore, our pre-k program will provide daily notes that will inform you of what happened while you were away, as well as allowing you to communicate with us any important happenings that we need to know about. We hold parent/teacher conferences twice each year and encourage parents to call at any time to find out about their pre-kindergarten child’s day.

If you want to help your child get a headstart on school, the pre-kindergarten classes from Leaps and Bounds is the perfect way to help prepare your child for kindergarten. We’re excited to see your pre-kindergarten child in our classroom. Leaps and Bounds also offers infant care, toddler care programs, and preschool classes in Rosemount. Contact Leaps and Bounds to sign up for your free tour today, or fill out the form to get started.

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